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Disco / DJ Lights and Setups

"Turn up the beat and light up the night with our cutting-edge disco and DJ lighting solutions. Elevate every event with vibrant Sharpy lights and dynamic RGB lights. Unleash your creativity and set the stage for unforgettable experiences on the Designs."

Maintenance and Service

"Keep the party going strong with our reliable DJ and disco light maintenance. Our expert technicians ensure your setup shines bright, so you can focus on delivering unforgettable experiences. Trust us to keep your dance floor electrifying."

Design and Solutions

"Transform venues with our tailored DJ, disco, and club lighting solutions. From concept to installation, we curate dynamic setups that ignite the atmosphere. Elevate every event with our innovative designs and cutting-edge technology."


Sharpy Lights
Led Blinder Lights


Introducing Ligero: Illuminating India with Unparalleled Stage Lighting Solutions

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